ArtStrings™ is a series of events which will highlight and financially contribute to nonprofit initiatives devoted to making a difference.  Each event is strategically produced by collaborating local, national and international musicians, visual artists, establishments and service providers. Each collaborator involved will gain market exposure while contributing and bringing awareness to a nonprofit organization.


A small to mid-sized non-profit and their efforts to a bring a louder voice to their mission, will be selected through a careful selection process from company research and community nominations.  These unique events will allow a diverse group of individuals to come together and bring awareness of their business and their contributions to those non-profit organizations who are in need of on-going service and financial support.


Attendees at ArtStrings will enjoy a silent auction along with a unique interactive product raffle encompassing entertainment, dining, services and more from well-curated establishments in each city.  Guests will then experience a mini-concert of stringed musicians and recording artists to satisfy the senses with bold covers and original sounds.  While surrounded by melodies of enchantment, attendees will be captivated through canvas by a live, well established visual artist(s) to commemorate each ArtStrings event.  

At the close of the evening, the nonprofit for each installment will be presented with a check for proceeds raised and contributors will be acknowledged.


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